Spring at New Arts Market

The springtime at New arts Market was a busy one. Website launch, material enhancing, collection additions, exhibitions, and this editorial, all falling in line with our long term roadmap.


There has been a lot work going into deciphering the best material-set for the current catalogue. After a considerable time going back and forth we landed on what we think is spot on, most importantly the Hahnemühle German Etching paper, which produces a stunning effect on the texture of the prints. We are feeling strongly with where we have landed, and have great confidence that you will too. 

The website

After around half a year of preparative and design work with the website we were finally able to get it off the ground in January. Of course, nothing is never really ready on the outset in web design, and we have a long backlog for upcoming enhancements. 

During the course of the spring, we made a great amount of minor improvements aiming to make the site more usable and user-friendly. However, we are still far from where we one day wish to be. We are happy to receive suggestions and remarks and have been supported by a number of keen viewers, and wish to extend a big thank you to you all.

If you come across points for improvement, flat-out errors or just a friendly hello, you may always submit your feedback through the customer support page.

New Arts Market Collection

During the course of the spring we introduced a dozen new artworks for sale in our general New Arts Market Collection. The aim is to further expand the collection come summer and the fall. There is a great deal of work done in finding and bringing the most exhilarating and the most impactful pieces to your fingertips.


In April we launched the first exhibition of the website, ‘Wonders’ by yours truly, which acts as a precursor of things to come. The process with the Wonders exhibition was to launch exhibitions and at the same time chart the most enjoyable, flexible and user friendly way to display exhibitions overall on our website.

We’ll open up application to exhibit at New Arts Market for the larger public later in the year, so if you are an artist yourself, stay tuned.

Finally, this editorial

This is the first editorial published on our website. We’ll continue with this series of overview articles two to three times a year. In addition, the Editorial section will see series of artist interviews, and in time, in-depth articles on the endless aspects of our subject matter. We hope that in good time it will be a delight and a place inspiration for you as artists, creative sprits, and art lovers.