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This collection of mixed media artworks from poet and artist Kasper Salonen exhibits two different phases in his new visual art style, both born in or post-lockdown 2020. The force and flow of colorful creation finds organic avenues in Salonen’s freeform shape-language and detailed psychedelic impressions. Mythopoesis means “myth creation”, which is what we humans do.

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Mushroom’s Dream by Kasper Salonen


The exhibition takes us on a trip around world, from the sea-beaten cliffs of Northern Scotland and the freezing mists on Lake Baikal to the mid-day warmth on Lamma Island in the East-China Sea and through the maze of torii gateways in Kyoto, Japan. The wonders of the natural world are seen here alongside the creations of human culture and its handprint on our planet.

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Janne Räikkönen - Wonders - Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye by Janne Räikkönen