Printing and materials

We are obsessed with quality print materials. As artists ourselves we have high standards for professional printing house craftsmanship and deliver exhibition-grade finished products that stand the test of time. We constantly explore ways of presenting art in new, exciting ways, utilising high-grade papers, glazes and finishes for our prints. 

Art Prints

  • Regular Art Print is printed on 180gsm (grams per square meter) art paper. The bright white paper gives the print a smooth quality and has a matte finish.
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Print is printed on Hahnemûhle German Etching 310gsm, which is a heavy, museum grade fine art paper with a velvety matte surface. The paper has a warm white hue, strong texture and provides brilliant colours.
  • The frame is crafted from high-quality wood from FSC-approved forests and come ready to hang. Our framed prints are acrylic glazed and mounted on white. The high quality acrylic glazing gives the piece the same appearance as glass, but makes it tremendously more light-weight. The mount (the border around the print) is 1.4mm deep and gives the framing a nuanced sense of depth. The frame itself is either black or white according to your choice.

Please note that the size of the product refers to the size of the print. The wood frame and mounting gives the piece an additional 7cm of width and height.

You may order all our prints also unframed.

Annapurna” by Janne Räikkönen

dibond panel

Dibond print is a 3mm deep frameless sheet which consists of a polythene core pressed between two thin aluminium sheets. It is lightweight and classic alternative to the heavier aluminium print. Dibond prints are strong and minimalistic, and an all-time favourite of our curatorial team for art exhibitions.

Because of its anti-glare matte finish, dibond prints are suitable for hanging in places where there is constant directed illumination, for example a directed spotlight.

Dibond prints have an anti-glare matte finish and are backed by an invisible subframe which floats the piece of the wall by 15mm.

Fushimi Inari-Taisha” by Janne Räikkönen